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POLYGON VR the ultimate fully-immersive VR gaming experience
Ultimate vr pic

Ever wondered what the Ultimate VR experience feels like?

We've boiled down all experience-related VR components to four fundamental elements:

  • 01 Freedom of movement
  • 02 Interaction with objects and people
  • 03 Live feedback from the environment
  • 04 Real world continuity via broadcasts and second screen integration

This is how we came up with a complete solution offering the Ultimate VR experience: PolygonVR.

PolygonVR is a groundbreaking fusion of VR games, Reality TV, and eSports
Aside from location-based entertainment, PolygonVR can be used in eSports, TV shows, industrial training, education, and engineering.

Polygon VR is a multiplayer gaming arena in which users can enjoy freedom of movement, interact with people and objects and get live feedback from the external world watching their performance.

It is the only VR gaming platform that can connect several gaming spaces in real time, creating one virtual space across continents.

Join thousand of other users and try it for yourself today.

Bring diverse audiences together in a single
multi-channel entertainment platform
  • Traditional TV audience (reality shows, sports, TV games)
  • Entertainment fans (Hunger Games, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.)
  • Gamers (CS, DOTA2, Battle Field, LOL, etc.)
  • Active team sports players (airsoft)
  • eSports fans (Epicenter, ESL Pro League, etc.)
Amusement reimagened

Theme parks, amusement rides, arcade halls will never be the same after PolygonVR

Full-immersion VR technologies are the stepping stone for building an unforgettable experience for visitors who dare to step out of their real lives and into the PolygonVR Arena.

Visitors will come for the novelty and stay for the engaging multiplayer experience. PolygonVR Arena content can be recorded and broadcast to larger audiences via PolygonVR's cloud service.

PolygonVR Arena features
  • Multiplayer: up to 5 full body players per Arena
  • Professional equipment for physically active gaming
  • Area: 150m 2 (1,600sqft)
  • Multiple Arena support for remote team play
  • Engaging content: Action, RPG, Strategy and Sports
  • Viewer engagement via second screen
  • Free movement and interaction with the environment in the virtual space