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A masterpiece in action

ArtVR is a collection of art-themed virtual reality solutions. The project promotes education, creativity, collaboration, and popularization of art. Working together with art experts, we create VR that does more than just entertain.


  • 01 Fully interactive creative environment that anyone can grasp
  • 02 Diving into the atmosphere of a real, interactive art studio
  • 03 A neural network trained on exhibits from the Tretyakov Gallery processes user-generated compositions in real time, making each painting unique
  • 04 Infotainment = education plus game mechanics that lets anyone stand alongside the great painters of the past
  • 05 Players can share all their ArtVR projects on social media right on the spot
  • 06 We can develop individualized content on request


  • 01 ArtVR allows you to manage all aspects, from content to ticket sales, via a convenient remote UI
  • 02 ArtVR equipment consists of an 18×18′ aluminum frame and four HTC Vive helmets
  • 03 There are also TV sets in the upper part of the installation, displaying the picture as seen by the players. Vertical TV sets placed at eye level serve as posters
  • 04 One location can host four users to create their masterpieces simultaneously and is managed by one employee from a tablet PC
  • 05 ArtVR allows you to deploy and launch a standard, easily scalable solution in less than one day

We’ve launched the first-ever interactive ArtVR experience together with the Tretyakov Gallery on June 1, 2018.

Visitors will immerse themselves in the art studios of two outstanding painters, Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich.