Global location-based entertainment VR platform

New entertainment format Subscription-based
online service
Convenient toolset for
location deployment
Remote location & content

CinemaVR enriches location-based enterteinment with an incredible VR technology that people around the  globe are so excited about. It's the innovation the arcade market has been waiting for.

CinemaVR is a refined turnkey solution for location owners that enables quick and simple physical setup and access to high-quality gaming content to satisfy any kind of consumer.

Our games are often built around famous movie franchises to keep consumers intrigued and always give them something new to play.

Running a network of Cinema VR halls is easy — we give you an easy-to-use management system, regular updates, personnel training, and ongoing support.

There are already 40+ (and counting!) locations leveraging this innovation in Russia. They keep their consumers excited and bring a competitive edge to their entertainment business.

You can, too join us on this journey!

Key Features
Server-centric location management / Easily scalable, cost-efficient
Location Area
18 m2 / 30 m2 (195 sq ft / 320 sq ft)
Capacity per location
2 / 4 players
Highly replayable for all ages, in various genres. 10 proprietary & trademark titles + various 3rd party content
Session time
10+ min
Single player / PvE & PvP multiplayer
User Experience
Head and hand tracking
HTC Vive / MSI / Unreal Engine / Unity
Media support
Gameplay broadcasting
Key locations
Cinemas / Malls / VR arcades
Ticket price
$5 per user (RU) / €8 per user (EU)
  • 01Immersive gaming experience
  • 02Genres: action, shooters, adventure, puzzles
  • 03Easy-to-build 30 m2 (320 sq ft) modular VR hall
  • 04Up to 4 players per gaming area
  • 05Max audience: 290 people per day
  • 06New game every month
  • 01High scalable (7 hrs to install)
  • 02Easy-to-use tablet-based location control
  • 03Cloud-based content management system
  • 04Regular over-the-air updates of content and software
  • 01Online ticket sales and CRM for user retention
  • 02Free trainings and HR guidelines, best practises, sales & marketing support
  • 03Promotion via social media
  • 04 24/7 support

CinemaVR offers far more than just VR halls. One of our strategic goals is to build a fully-fledged brick-and-mortar VR content distribution network in Europe.

Our in-house content studio is working day and night to bring original VR games to CinemaVR viewers.

We are also always on the lookout for partners who are ready to create or adapt their existing games for our distribution pipeline.

  • REVOLVR Shooter Competitive shooter in a Sci-Fi / Western setting
  • PIRATES Action Cooperative action game. Protect your treasure from hordes of skeletons
  • VIKINGS Action / adventure Cooperative action game. Join viking battles aboard drakkar ships
  • DEFENDERS Action Superhero game. Pick one of 4 characters and save the world
  • KIKORIKI Arcade Catchy minigames based on famous cartoon setting
  • BATTLE FORCE RTS Take command and dominate in aero-naval battle
  • THE FIXIES Arcade The player becomes the size of Fixie and repairs items using a gadget
  • ALPHA TACTIC Shooter Competitive game on reaction speed for two players
  • LOST FRONTIER Action Space marines rid the alien laboratory of monsters